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Welcome to portal, the first portal of the mosaics in the city network from February 1, 2001 to date continues to contribute to the development of tourism in the city increasing visitors and tourists. E 'was created to meet the needs of both network users who want to know the famous city of mosaics, and for those who want to achieve greater visibility, such as: (professionals, hotels and bed and breakfasts, farm holidays and other tourist accommodation hotel and non-hotel, but also for all other companies seeking visibility in order to broaden their horizons). Being on this portal is to have a window to the world of the network to reach other destinations and markets, this means greatly increase contacts , reservations, orders, markets etc. .. is the gateway to the world's most visited Piazza Armerina, always positioned on search engines.

Anyone wishing to help promote the network of the city of Piazza Armerina can do it for free by sending a simple request for cooperation. In particular, we turn to schools, associations, APT, municipalities, museums, theaters, writers, journalists, photographers, etc... etc. .. The course content will be in the public interest is a non-profit to take advantage of the free service. While the companies we have available for other areas of the portal where they will have maximum visibility. By using a content management system will be easy to publish his works, articles, events, photos, etc. .. how to write an email.

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Panorama di Piazza Armerina Panorama di Piazza Armerina
Panorama of Piazza Armerina

Roman villa of the fourth century AD. An area of great archaeological interest, Piazza Armerina is some time during the numerous excavations.

One of the most important finds so far made is that of the famous mosaics of the Villa Romana del Casale .

With an area of over 3500 square meters, the Villa was the hunting residence of Maximilian Herculean, a colleague of Diocletian in the management of the Roman Empire.

It is now an amazing testimony of life in Roman times due to its mosaic floors, famous throughout the world.

The performance of these mosaics is now attributed to African teachers, as inventors of this art that spread in countries with which it came into contact. The importance of the villa to the global nature is due to the impeccable condition of the mosaics, also considered the largest and most beautiful ever built in Roman times. This importance is also due to scenes depicted in these works, which appear to be evidence of great technical view of the veracity of subjects and colors.

In these works you can see scenes from Homer's works, mythological scenes and images of everyday life, always carried out very vividly.

The Villa has four main clusters identified in: main entrance area and spa; peristyle with living quarters, private rooms, and basil; triclinium and elliptical courtyard. They are arranged in a terrace to adapt to the characteristics of the land on which to stand.

Were found outside two aqueducts used for the provisioning of the fountains, spa services and the district. Many scholars argue that a construction time of this kind could not be completely isolated, but should encompass other marginal buildings devoted to solving all the demands of an imperial villa. For this reason they are now taking various excavations.

Getting to Piazza Armerina:
By train: connections with the main Italian cities.

By car: A 19 CT-PA. It can be reached by two routes, leaving from the exit of Catania - Palermo: left to reach the center directly.
Piazza Armerina to take the road No. 192.

By Air: The nearest airport is Catania.

To visit the villa please contact: Villa Romana del Casale, Piazza Armerina - Enna - Sicily - Italy open to the public daily from 10.00 to 18.00
Tel 0935680036
Admission EUR 3.00
Free admission: for EU citizens under the age of 18 years and over 65 years.

It is not allowed entry to the animals.

Are present on site:
Toilets, bars, restaurants, shopping area, information desks, car parks / bike / bus.

We suggest you call to confirm, prices, hours, etc. ..

Shuttle Bus
Beginning at 9 every hour, square Sen. Marescalchi


Piazza Armerina Piazza Armerina Piazza Armerina, Erei 721 meters in the mountains, is about 30 km from Enna. The historic center of Piazza Armerina is dominated by the Aragonese Castle and the Cathedral, making it easily visible from neighboring cities. The name comes from Medieval Latin Audience (Market Square), to which was added in 1862 Armerina (castrum Armorum) for the center fortified by the Normans as the "castle of arms, built in the eleventh century.

It talks about the "cock - Italy", which is a special dialect of Lombard - Sicilian, because of immigration Lombard in the Norman period. The most famous and most impressive monument in Piazza Armerina mosaics are large ...

Another source of tourist attraction is the Piazza Armerina " Palio of the Norman "

bed and breakfast

BAOBAB Bed and breakfast a Piazza Armerina BAOBAB Bed and breakfast a Piazza Armerina

The B & B. is situated in the historical center of Piazza Armerina in a side street of Via Roma important. Close to the Villa Romana del Casale, where you can admire the beautiful mosaics dating back to the (III-IV century AD) .. The bed and breakfast offers all the comforts of a furnished apartment, complete with an entire dining room bathroom and family room, ideal for those who want to feel at home
Web Site: Bed and breakfast BAOBAB ***


Virtual tour of the famous Mosaic Villa Romana del Casale di Piazza Armerina declared World Heritage by UNESCO.


Piazza Armerina to visit

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Risplende la Villa Romana del Casale di Piazza Armerina

PALERMO - Era nella Basilica della villa che il padrone riceveva i suoi ospiti. Ed è da qui che parte il viaggio nella storia a Piazza Armerina, nella restaurata...


Famous people of Piazza Armerina are:
Angerio by Eufemia (XI century-1124), bishop and lord of Catania Artale Alagona II, (XIV century), Lord John Suriano, (XIV century), appointed Castellano Square and Grand Prior of the monastery of S. Andrea and...

Station Piazza Armerina

Station Piazza Armerina Satzione Piazza Armerina The station of Piazza Armerina was one of the main stations of the narrow gauge railway Dittaino-Piazza Armerina-Caltagirone...


Piazza Armerina to live

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Video on the mosaics of the Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza...


Villa Romana del Casale of the fourth century AD. An area of great archaeological interest, Piazza Armerina is some time during the numerous excavations.
One of the most important finds so far made is that of the famous Villa del Casale.

Welcome to the Portal!

Piazza-Armerina Welcome to portal, the first portal of the mosaics in the city network from February 1, 2001 to date continues to contribute to the development of tourism in the city increasing...



Top Piazza Armerina

Shops at the Church of Piazza Armerina by the Center for Studies on New Religions in collaboration...
ART MUSEUM Diocesan Museum - Piazza Armerina (Enna) - Piazza Duomo - tel. 0935/680214 ARTISTI...
May 1˚: Procession of Saint Joseph. Rural festival of the Old Town Square (May 3) Maria SS....



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